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Schiffstouren auf Rhein und Mosel zwischen Bonn Köln und Loreley.



Katamaran "Filia Rheni"



welcome on board...

The "Filia Rheni" is the only multi-hull pleasure ship navigating the Rhine and Mosel at this time. The ship was built in 1989 and is one of the most modern pleasure ships.
Up to 200 passengers can find a seat on the lower deck. On the upper sundeck, up to 260 passengers can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Length: 140,25 ft
Width: 37 ft
Drought: 3,6 ft







The grey area shows the space inside the ship.
In this configuration 192 passengers can find a comfortable seat.
In the front section you find a round dance-floor. Another 15 passengers can sit here or you can use the space to offer a large buffet.

You can charter the ship by yourself or you can join us on our regular trips.


download a PDF plan

 192 seats  154 seats
and Buffet


With the aid of the newest technology captain Clemens Schmitz will carry you safely across the romantic rivers.

Enjoy the romantic landscape on the upper open-air deck. Have some cold drinks if you like.



The unique dancefloor.

These are some examples of what our restaurant has to offer to our passengers. We are sure that we have something for every taste.